One-on-one Business Meeting


Serve as a platform for AIIB member countries and participants to build networks and share their knowledge, best practices and experiences in infrastructure development


Member countries’ officials related to infrastructure development and investment, infrastructure companies, public/private financial institutions engaged in infrastructure investment, construction equipment vendors, etc.

Date / Venue

  • Date : 09:00-18:00, Saturday 17 June 2017
  • Venue : Booyoung Hotel (Emerald Hall)

Application Process

  • Applicants input their information* below for one-on-one business meeting. (Application for one-one-one business meeting is available even before Annual Meeting registration).
    *company name, business area, area of interest (preferred counterpart), email address, phone number, etc.

  • The Host Country Secretariat sends the total participants list with their detailed information to applicants via email (the list will be updated and sent periodically).

  • Applicants freely contact whomever they want to have meetings on the participants list. They communicate and agree on mutually-convenient time to meet.

  • Applicants in pair inform the Host Country Secretariat of the agreed meeting time by email or phone and apply for venue allocation. The schedule may be adjusted, depending on availability of meeting booths.

For inquiry: Host Country Secretariat for the AIIB Annual Meeting

* Name
(First name, last name)
* Title  
* Country
* Position
* Company name
* Business area
(brief description)
* Area of Interest
(multiple choice is possible)

* Email
* Phone Number