Infrastructure Exhibition


Promote PR of Korean and overseas infrastructure-related businesses and IR of member countries during the Annual Meeting.

Operation Plan

  • (Dates and Venue) June 16-17, ICC(International Convention Center) 3rd floor lobby
  • (Exhibition Volume) Around 70 booths (default 3m x 3m)
  • (Participation) Domestic and overseas infrastructure-related businesses and organizations, AIIB member countries
  • (Member countries) Each booth can be used either IR of member countries or PR of infrastructure-related businesses of a member country
  • (Operation) Booths will be fully operated by exhibitors such as content production, booth operation including guide and interpretation

    - Basic items provide by host : paneled walls, one movable desk and one fixed desk, and two chairs

Exhibition Composition

Information hall, theme hall, business hall, members hall, service hall

Exhibit Hall Composition
Information Exhibition guide
Theme Smart City, Transport, ICT, Water resources, Green energy, etc.
Business Showcases of outstanding Korean infrastructure companies and Korea’s related associations, financial institutions
Members Business PR and members IR
Service Comport facilities for the participants

* Size and composition of exhibit hall may change.
** The exhibition layout along with exhibitors’ information will be announced soon.