The scale of transformation that is required for emerging economies to meet their Sustainable Development Goals will take resilience, flexibility and passion. Emerging markets are grappling with infrastructure deficits as well as rapid urbanization, population growth and unstable energy grids, while aiming to fulfil ambitious environmental commitments. In recognition of these challenges this year’s Annual Meeting is on the theme of ‘Sustainable Infrastructure’. Countries faced with these issues have an opportunity to learn from the past and consider a new, sustainable path towards modernization.

We, the AIIB and the Republic of Korea, are inviting the governors from member countries, delegations from countries becoming members, partner institutions, civil society organizations, the media and leading experts across a range of fields to join us at our second Annual Meeting, held on Jeju Island, Korea, June 16-18, 2017.

Over two days a number of sustainable infrastructure specialists will lead sessions to help member countries share their experiences, identify opportunities, celebrate changing attitudes and spark interesting debates that will ultimately lead to developing the best outcomes for countries in Asia. We are inviting you to join us in a thought provoking discussion on how sustainable infrastructure will pave the way for countries to build a low-carbon future in Asia.